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About Lin

About LinLin is my family name, I grew up in Taiwan, but now live in Battle, East Sussex, England.

I am a Mandarin teacher, having qualified from TLI (Taipei Language Institute), which is one of the oldest Chinese language schools in Taiwan. I was trained to be a Mandarin teacher under the supervision of some extremely experienced teachers at TLI. I have gone on to gain my own considerable experience.

I have recently been interviewed on BBC Radio. The discussion was regarding the Goverment investigation of the possibility of including Mandarin Chinese in the secondary school curriculum from 2008. The recordings of the interviews can be found in the News section.

You can see the FAQ section for some basic information about Chinese languages. For example, you can learn how the term "Chinese" can refer to many dialects and languages, rather than just Cantonese or Mandarin.

If you are interested in learning Mandarin, please see the Classes section for more information about how I can help. You might also find Books section helpful.

If you just want to learn something useful and quick to say, check out the online lessons section, there are voice recorded links that you can try to mimic!

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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